Mad Meier’s piece of the cloud
Mad Meier’s - my piece of the cloud
Welcome Home Toess Valley Hiking Biking Twiking Computers Contact That's me!   Or more precise: That was me!   Even more precise: That's how a London street artist saw me years back when I explored UK with a few friends on our push bikes.. You may wonder what 'Mad' means in this context.  It is  a widely used word today - just think about: •	Moroccan Dirham(a currency) •	 Mutual Assured Destruction(a military expression)  •	Mobile Application Design (a study in Zurich) •	Mean Absolute Deviation(statistics) It is also not my surname ... Mad as a surname is ranked in the U.S. as #81693. So its actually quite rare. And I do not live in the US which means that it is even more rare here.  It's just my nickname. A former boss  - who used it the first time - must have read the Macquarie Dictionary Online  which says "mad adjective 1. extremely good; excellent; cool”.  That is it - isn't it?